What Women Want...

Women want to feel GOOD…. Its simple really women feel … alot !!

Recently @ thp haircutters we gave our clients a questionnaire about homecare products, the retail world has changed dramatically and I thought it was time to ask a few questions to see if we were giving our clients what they wanted…

The main thing that became very clear was that women want their hair to feel BEAUTIFUL!

This came as quite a shock at first as I thought in this environmentally aware society there would be strong concerns around what is actually in a product and then how it is made ?

Not as important as how it makes a womans hair feel!! This has lead me to thinking that in all aspects of a womans life it is how she feels that drives her, thats really whats at the core of her.

In our relationships with our partners, friends, children, work colleagues isnt it how we feelin these moments that is the REAL thing!! Sure is … The same then goes for when a woman is in the salon having a colour,cut, blowrdry, treatment etc. Not only is it the end result is but it is how she feels throughout the whole service !

This really sits well here at thp haircutters as we are committed to giving our clients a positive experience, a feeling that feels good .. that is at the core of what thp haircutters is all about. That feeling along with beautiful hair is what sees our clients returning for the thp experience again and again, and it feels good giving it !